Christ instituted the Sacraments of the New Law. There are seven: Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist, Penance, the Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders and Matrimony. The seven Sacraments touch all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life: They give birth and increase, healing and mission to the Christian’s life of faith. There is thus a certain resemblance between the stages of natural life and the stages of the spiritual life.

BAPTISM – Contact the Parish Office where your family is registered to schedule a date and pre-Baptismal instruction.

ANOINTING OF THE SICK is for those facing a new illness, surgery, a serious health issue, advanced age, hospitalization, and/or threat of death. Please call the office for visitation of the sick at home, the hospital, or a healthcare facility. Because of Privacy laws we are no longer
informed unless you call us.

THE SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION is available every Saturday from 12:00pm-1:00pm at alternating parishes (GOH odd months/OLV even months).

MATRIMONY – The engaged couple is asked to call the Office to arrange an appointment with the priest. Please allow
at least 6 to 12 months for the completion of the necessary preparations. Do not enter into any other commitments before
confirming a wedding date and time in the parish.

Preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation is offered and facilitated under the direction of our Religious Education program.

RCIA — If anyone wishes to join the Catholic Church or perhaps is already Catholic but hasn’t received all the Sacraments, please contact Deacon John Jorda our RCIA Coordinator. Phone: 570.675-2121.