LOGO“Changing Habits” is an outreach ministry from the Church of the Gate of Heaven in Dallas, Pennsylvania. We sing for the Honor and Glory of God! and for those in need in our parish. We “change habits’….We sing as nuns, as a Gospel choir, we don veils, band hats, cowgirl hats, top hats and at Christmastime, Santa hats. We “change” from black and white to red, white and blue.

We sing Gospel songs, Sister Act songs, show tunes, oldies and patriotic songs. We sing, we dance, we tell jokes, we have fun. We like to involve our audiences.

Our purpose is to bring some joy and laughter and encouragement into the lives of those we entertain.

In our troubled world, we need a reason to smile and laugh and have fun!

We have a good time.  We hope you do, too!!

A Changing Habits Prayer5

We come before Your Heavenly Throne.
We lift our hearts to You alone.
We praise You, we thank You, we glorify You.
We only want to worship You.

You’ve blessed us with this ministry.
It’s one that many come to see.
We pray that we will honor You
In all we sing, we say, we do.

We pray that we will bring Your Love
As we lift our songs to God above.
You’ve blessed us with a desire to serve, To sing, to dance,to share Your Word.

Our mission is bring a smile
To each and every face,
And Peace and Hope and Love and Joy
Through Your abounding Grace.

Be with us, Lord, as we gather today.
Keep blending our voices, this we pray.
Keep us in tune, in step together,
In Jesus’ Name, now and forever!    Amen.

For more information, contact Marilyn O’Connell at 287-1530.