Thank you to all of those people who made the Fatima Devotions possible this year.  We have faithfully honored Our Lady every 13th of the month from May through October.  We have responded to this pandemic with unity and prayer, compassion and tenderness.  We were able to continue the devotions in our Church this year as well as provide live streaming for those who could not be in attendance.

Renee Boland was devoted to getting the devotions out to the public by learning some very technical expertise and allowing people to participate remotely.

Father Toomey continued these devotions for 15 years after Father Kelly gave his approval in 2005.  Father Andrew continues our tradition of honoring Our Lady along with our Deacon John Jorda.

Helen provides the beautiful music and coordinates every little detail while Renee provides quality control and is always willing to help.

Ed and John made sure everything in the Church was operational and always checked last minute items.

There are so many people who honor Our Lady with their personal touch during these devotions, like Leah who greets you with a smile when you arrive at the Church and John who helps prepare the altar as well a helping the priest leading the devotions.

God bless all of the people who attended or watched the Fatima Devotions and to those responsible for making it happen.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!






You may also print out your own copy of the prayers here.