Dear Parishioner,                                                                                                                October 1, 2020


As many of you know, since the moment we were permitted, we have been ensuring that public Masses have been available to all members of our Back Mountain Catholic Community.  Since July, we have had a complete schedule of Masses throughout the week.  There have been weekday Masses both in the morning and evening at each Church.  There have been public Masses at both churches every Saturday and Sunday for over 12 weeks now.  We also have also been providing a live-streamed Mass every Sunday morning.  To provide for those who are unable to return to public Mass, we have been distributing Holy Eucharist in the parking lot every Sunday for all who desire to receive the Blessed Sacrament.  This practice is something very few churches have been providing.


Overall, there is a wide range of opportunities for the parishioners of Gate of Heaven and Our Lady of Victory to experience the Holy Mass and Holy Eucharist.  We hope you recognize these opportunities and are using them in whatever capacity suits your situation at this time.


As the seasons change, and taking into consideration all that we are offering you, we will be making some slight changes.   We will no longer need to identify private prayer times for each church.  The churches will now be open to the public as they were in the same manner prior to the shut down in March.


Our Parish Offices will no longer be closed to the public.  However, for the safety of our staff, we ask that you continue to use the telephone to coordinate your needs as much as possible as you have done during the past few months.  Some of the staff may still be working from home, so please be patient and cognizant of their need for safety.


Outdoor Confessions on Saturday afternoons, between 2 – 3:30 pm, will now be moved indoors.  Please enter through the ‘sacristy door’ for Gate of Heaven and the ‘cry room door’ for Our Lady of Victory.


The entrance and exits for public Masses will continue to be limited and directed by ushers and signs.  Capacity is no longer based on percentage, but will be based solely on social distancing.   Reservations will NO longer be required for any of our Masses.  Sanitization of the church after the service will still take place.


The Distribution of Holy Communion in the Gate of Heaven Parking lot will change its start time to Noon and move into the upper, larger lot.  This is a necessity due to the start of our Religious Education program.  Please follow directional signs and staff instructions as you approach.


Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our parishes


Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. Daniel Toomey, Pastor GOH & OLV




We will continue with our Current Schedule:


Confession:  Saturday 2 pm – 3:30 pm (Odd Months at GOH, Even Months at OLV)


Weekday Masses (No reservation required)

Monday, GOH: 7 pm

Tuesday, OLV: 7 pm

Wednesday, GOH: 9 am

Friday, OLV: 9 am


Weekend Masses (No reservation required)


OLV: 4 pm

GOH:5 pm


GOH: 9:30 am

OLV: 10:30 am


Distribution of Holy Communion (for any who desires to receive the Blessed Sacrament)

Sunday:  GOH parking lot behind the school, Noon-12:30 pm


Live Streamed Mass on our Facebook Page (Gate of Heaven and Our Lady of Victory)with a link provided via our website

Sunday:  8 am