Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Scriptures regularly remind us that “with God all things are possible” (Mt. 19:26). Over the past couple of years, we at Gate of Heaven have walked together through a pandemic, cultural changes of all kinds, and social strife. With God, we have weathered the storm and maintained our call to be joyful disciples in a world that needs to see joy.

We have been strengthened in our call to discipleship and filled with the joy of Christ in these challenging times. God continues to strengthen us with the sacraments and as a community we have become stronger disciples of Jesus. Praise God for so many committed members of our parish community who have valued sharing their faith and bringing the love of God to our neighbors in these times. We know that with God these things have been possible, and God certainly has even more that He desires to do going forward.

With this in mind, we invite you to respond to Gate of Heaven Parish’s new stewardship program: “Investing in Our Faith, Investing in Our Future.” Please review the contents of the brochure below and prayerfully consider how you and your family can play an active role in how Jesus Christ will continue working through our parish community. Our goal is to increase our Sunday offertory contributions in order to bring Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. This is a difficult task in the world today, but I am confident that our faithful parishioners are up to the challenge.

On January 28th & 29th, our parish held a special Commitment Weekend, inviting the members of Gate of Heaven to connect with one another to make a financial commitment that will allow us to continue this important work. We are counting on you! Please participate in our “Investing in Our Faith, Investing in Our Future” Program and help us respond to God’s great gift of love by helping make more joyful disciples for Jesus and His Church.

Thank you for your generosity, prayers, and commitment to Gate of Heaven Parish!

In Christ,
Rev. Andrew S. Hvozdovic

Investing in Our Faith, Investing in Our Future Brochure