Effective October 1, 2020



RECONCILIATION:    Every Saturday 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Gate of Heaven – odd months (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov)  Please enter through Sacristy Door.

Our Lady of Victory – even months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) Please enter through Cry Room Door.



4:00 PM      Our Lady of Victory – open to the public
5:00 PM      Gate of Heaven – open to the public


8:00 AM   Live Streaming of Mass –  (will rotate a broadcast between OLV & GOH)
Facebook Page:  Gate of Heaven and Our Lady of Victory
The taping of this Mass is closed to the public.

9:30 AM     Gate of Heaven – open to the public
10:30 AM    Our Lady of Victory – open to the public

Distribution of Communion – 12 NOON  –  Gate of Heaven parking lot only, for those who are unable to attend any of the weekend or weekday Masses.

While we are in the Green Phase, we must still follow all the guidelines set forth by our Bishop for social distancing.  This will affect the number of people allowed at each Mass.  Attendance will be limited.

As of October 1, 2020, reservations are no longer needed to attend Mass on the weekend. 



Monday   7:00 PM – GOH
Tuesday   9:00 AM –  OLV
Wednesday   9:00 AM – GOH
Friday      9:00 AM –  OLV

          Reservations are NOT needed for the weekday Masses. 


We will continue to live-stream Sunday Masses following our posted schedule, we don’t expect to stop this in the near future.  Bishop Bambera continues to extend the dispensation of the obligation for Catholics to attend Sunday Mass.    Please follow the CDC guidelines: if you are in an ‘at-risk’ category, we encourage you to stay home and join us online.


Overall, there is a wide range of opportunities for the parishioners of Gate of Heaven and Our Lady of Victory to experience the Holy Mass and Holy Eucharist.  We hope you recognize these opportunities and are using them in whatever capacity suits your situation at this time.  We will no longer need to identify Private Prayer Times for each church.  The churches are now open to the public as they were in the same manner prior to the shut down in March.



Guidelines, procedures and critical insights for attending Mass.

Attending public Mass might be a little different now. You will enter through one door and exit through a different one.   Seating in pews will be marked, spaced appropriately to allow proper social distancing.  There will be no hymnals or missalettes (you may bring your own material and prayer books).   Holy Communion will be distributed after the conclusion of Mass.  There will be markings on the aisle floors for proper spacing while in line for Holy Communion.  You will exit directly after receiving.  There will be no social gatherings in the parking lot or on any church property.

Bring your own hand sanitizer for your personal use.  Do not bring items that contain bleach into the church as this will damage the pews.

The doors will be open 30 minutes before Mass begins.  Please have your mask on when you arrive and before entering the church.  Social distancing must be observed outside as well – please do not form a line outside the door.   Once entering the church, you will be seated by an usher. If you would like to light a vigil candle a volunteer will be available in the church before Mass to assist you.  The volunteer will light the candle for you.  We ask that you place your monetary donation in an envelope and hand it to them.

Households may sit together; this will be only the immediate family (parents and children: some exceptions when assisting the handicapped).   No physical contact for the sign of peace, except between members of the same household.

Please use hand sanitizers immediately before you receive communion.  Please wear your mask up until the moment you receive communion, and then of course put it back on.  You may receive communion in the hand or on the tongue; but it is strongly advised to receive communion in the hand in keeping with the guidance of the health professionals.

Gate of Heaven Instructions:

  • Park in the big lot near Spring Street
  • Those who are handicapped should park is in the lot near the old school entrance in the back.
  • The entrance for Mass will be the old school entrance
  • Everyone will exit through the front doors of the church on Machell Ave, except those who are handicapped who will leave through the old school doors near their cars.

Our Lady of Victory Instructions:

  • Please enter through the front door. You will exit through the stained glass door on the side of the church after communion.
  • Those who are handicapped will enter and exit through the stained glass door on the side of the church or the back kitchen door.

Donations and weekly envelopes may be put in a basket at an identified location.

We will continue to implement cleanliness and sanitation practices, including disinfecting the pews and high-use areas after every Mass.    For sanitation purposes, we strongly discourage the use of the restrooms.  Your cooperation is this matter is appreciated and please only use them if it is unavoidable.